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If you are a caregiver looking for a safe and supportive environment to connect and find mutual support, we invite you to join our caregiver support group via a private Facebook page. Led by our experienced founder, Garlanda Shockley, this group offers a space for sharing, learning, and connecting with other caregivers who understand your journey. To join, contact us at garlandak@gmail.com.

Zoom Meeting Link

For those who prefer virtual support as well, we offer a Zoom meeting link for our caregiver support group meetings. You can join from the comfort of your own home and connect with other caregivers in a supportive online environment. Contact us to receive the Zoom meeting link and join our virtual support group sessions.

Counseling Resources

Access valuable counseling resources to help you navigate the challenges of caregiving. Our resource library includes articles, guides, and tools for practical and emotional support. Whether you need guidance, coping mechanisms, or strategies for self-care, our counseling resources are here to support you on your caregiving journey.

Caregiver Books Lists

Discover recommended caregiver books to gain insight, inspiration, and practical advice. Our curated lists of caregiver books cover a range of topics, from personal caregiving experiences to tips for working with veteran patients. Dive into these valuable resources to expand your knowledge and find support through the power of literature.

Community Resources

Explore community resources available to caregivers in Saint Charles, Missouri, and beyond. From local support services to relevant organizations, our community resources offer additional support and connections for caregivers. We are committed to empowering caregivers by providing access to valuable resources within the community.

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Take the first step towards finding valuable support and resources for your caregiving journey. Connect with us to access personalized guidance, practical strategies, and a caring community.